s1e11: Captain’s Epilogue

Satisfied Worf
Satisfied Worf
Episode Eleven: HoloDeck The Halls had the crew deal with escaped cauliflower oil and management woes as the betazoid engineering ensign (Josh Murray (Fratwurst, The Beasts, Second City Education Company alumnus)) shared his unhappiness with the position. Fortunately Ensign Guyson (Alan Leightizer) was on hand to take the blame (read: die, again) and return everything back to normal on the USS Albatross. Captain Tachyon Field rapped about the joys of rhyming celery with things and Lt. Commander Jennifer Kumquat did a beat poem about satisfying everyone at once with the snap of a finger.

We raffled off the remaining Movember prizes to some staunch supporters of The Dandies and the show. Our trivia segment also saw some fierce competition with first-timer, Christina winning out.

Anesti Danelis & Saam had a great song about being trapped behind Slow Walkers. The lyrics aren’t exactly family-friendly but certainly speak to an experience everyone in the audience shared.

Slacks & Co. did a ten-minute rendition of a lost Canadian classic television program called The Starlost that had some of our audience fondly reminiscing and all of us enjoying the story enough to jump on wikipedia for more information.

Alex Crawford shared his strategy for dealing with tractor-beam stare of Binder People (e.g., these and these).

We Happy Few closed the night with an improvised wormhole love affair between TOS and TNG characters, all told with Shakespearean grace.

We ended the night with a directed Dandyjam with We Happy Few and other improviser-friends who joined in as well as our new friend (and new improviser) Felix Flatter.

We couldn’t have asked for a better audience, show or jam to help celebrate our final Holodeck Follies of 2013. Thank you all!

Check out the photonic lifeforms captured during this show.

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