Episode 11: Prologue

The Dandies present Holodeck Follies – Star Trek Variety Comedy Show

We will raffle off the remaining Movember prizes and have a Dandyjam (improv with the audience) after the show to celebrate our final Holodeck Follies of 2013:


Episode Eleven: HoloDeck The Halls
“The crew have to deliver cheer to a group of Andorian refugees”
With Alan Leightizer, Jason Zinger, & special crewman Josh Murray (Fratwurst, The Beasts, Second City Education Company alumnus)

With performances* from:

  • Some whimsical improv comedy by Slacks & Co.
  • Meanwhile, Anesti Danelis & Co., will sing their twelve-part song with just two people
  • Alex Crawford will stop by and deliver some fun stand-up, and
  • Following in the traditions of Shatner and Stewart, the stage will be graced with Shakespearean improv from We Happy Few

* Stand-up comedian Ron Sparks has been rescheduled for a later date.

“With a mix of music, sketch and stand-up features, the show makes for a complete entertainment package” – Toronto.com

It all happens tonight, December 4th 8 p.m., at Black Swan Comedy
(154 Danforth Ave., 2nd floor), $7 at the door.