Everybody Wins

Winchester Stage & Bar, TorontoOn Monday, November 18th, 9:00 p.m., The Dandies return to WIN-Prov, the Interactive Improv Game-Show. Looking for improv stage time? Looking for an all-you-can-eat buffet on a Monday? Did we mention that its all for free?

WIN-Prov is very inclusive, interactive, and entertaining. Hosts Tracy Rowland and Dwayne Mailman* get you on stage to play a series of improv games (there are prizes!) for the first two-thirds of the night and then booked performers end the evening. This week The Dandies and Eat the King (Jeff Crolla and Jack Van) have that honour.

Join us at Winchester Stage & Bar (51A Winchester Street) to start your week with laughter.

* Trivia: Tracy, Dwayne, Alan and The Dandies were once Fans of Randy, back in Toronto’s renaissance heyday.