Movember – Close Shave 2: Success

We are slowly coming down from the performance adrenaline and thrill of success of an amazing night. Our annual fundraiser, Close Shave 2: The Next Generation, was a rousing success. Through your support we raised $1,000 over the night. As a result, we have set a stretch goal of $1,500 to give ourselves an additional challenge for the rest of Movember.

Thank you to Black Swan Tavern, Ralph MacLeod, Emily Modderman, our prize donors, Wordburglar, Debs&Errol, Red Herring, Bianca Boom Boom, Brandon Ash-Mohommed, Fratwurst, and you, the audience!

Adding fuel to the celebratory energy of the night, Dale Wells proposed to Andie Leathley in Star Trek fashion, and, to the energetic cheers of the crowd, Andie said yes!

If you were unable to make the show, you can still help by donating to our Movember Canada account: