Holodeck Follies feat. Copy Red Leader

The Dandies present Holodeck Follies – Star Trek Variety Comedy Show feat. Copy Red Leader

In homage to their love of the Star Trek franchises, The Dandies take over Toronto’s Black Swan Comedy the first Wednesday of each month to boldly go where no variety show has gone before!

“With a mix of music, sketch and stand-up features, the show makes for a complete entertainment package” – Toronto.com

Showcasing the most interesting talent from across the Federation, performers fill the 90-minute show with music, stand-up, sketches, and completely unscripted Star Trek inspired improvised comedy. Featured acts premiere new (Star Trek inspired) material each month.

Episode Ten: Juan Won Uh-Oh, Wan Naught Not One
“The crew of the USS Albatross find a temporal anomaly that threatens to disrupt the known Federation.”
with: improv from InsectAspect, stand-up from newcomer Jenna Rocca, and featuring a return of music by Copy Red Leader.

Copy Red Leader is Leslie Hudson and Devin Melanson,
a geek rock duo based in the Toronto area.

November 6th 8 p.m.
Black Swan Comedy
154 Danforth Ave., 2nd floor
$7 at the door.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/703934272955964