Movember – Close Shave – Wordburglar

Continuing our awe regarding the guest performers we have lined up for Close Shave2 on November 1st.


Wordburglar (c) Urban Hermit
Wordburglar (c) Urban Hermit

A consummate performer, freestyler and improviser, Wordburglar’s upbeat raps combine patented wordplay calisthenics with head-nodding beats, storytelling and comedy. Unapologetic in his love of double-entendres, ridiculous similes and classic rhyme schemes, Burg’s lyrics are peppered with maritime charm, observational humour and obscure Canadiana.

We officially met Wordburglar at a One of Us Wednesdays early in 2013 and loved how easily he interacted with the crowd, with freestyle and his 3rd Burglar set. However, Wordburglar has been on our radar and guest wishlist for a few years.

We thank Wordburglar ahead of time for dedicating his time and talent to this Movember fundraiser.

Get your advanced ticket(s) today ($10) through (BrownPaper Tickets). This will reserve your seat and save you some cash!