Movember – Close Shave – Red Herring

We can barely contain our enthusiasm regarding the guest performers we have lined up for Close Shave2 on November 1st.

Red Herring (c) Angela McConnell
Red Herring (c) Angela McConnell

Red Herring

Known as ‘Toronto’s Professional Distraction’ this redhead knows how to make a crowd look her way. She sashayed onto the scene fashionably late in 2009, opened the Toronto Burlesque Festival’s 2010 Rising Star Showcase, and has been a standard at the festival ever since. Red’s been on International stages and in private showcases, her appearances include a headlining position with Epic Win Burlesque in NYC, where she was dubbed ‘Canada’s Sexiest Nerdy Burly Star.’

Red Herring produces and performs in a lot of burlesque shows through the city, including the annual sci-fi Babes in Space and monthly Reveal Me show.

Red Herring is a redheaded femme fatale with a heart of gold and we thank her ahead of time for dedicating her time and talent to this Movember fundraiser.

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