Movember – Close Shave – Fratwurst

Extolling our affection for the guest performers we have lined up for Close Shave2 on November 1st.

Fratwurst (

Fratwurst is a sketch trio based out of Toronto. Since 2010, Fratwurst has performed their grounded, satirical and ridiculous sketches across Toronto. Taking inspiration from their own experiences, they create scenes that range from surreal to heartbreaking. Fratwurst is Evan Arppe, Eric Miinch and Josh Murray.

The Dandies and Fratwurst have shared the same air in many of Toronto’s comedy havens, with the former often fawning over the latter ad nauseum. Fratwurst has been on The Dandies guest performer wishlist for years. Their sketch, music and improv is outstanding and infinitely watchable with… oh there we go again.

We thank Fratwurst ahead of time for dedicating their time and talent to this Movember fundraiser.

Get your advanced ticket(s) today ($10) through (BrownPaper Tickets). This will reserve your seat and save you some cash!