Movember – Close Shave – Debs & Errol

Sharing our love for the guest performers we have lined up for Close Shave2 on November 1st.

Debs & Errol (c Biff Ivy)
Debs & Errol (c Biff Ivy)

Debs & Errol is a Toronto-based musical comedy duo with a penchant for phở, cuddly tree spirits and starships.

They have two albums, “Songs in the Key of Geek” and their latest, “CTRL​+​ALT​+​DUETS”.

The Dandies and Debs & Errol officially met on Twitter but became fast friends. Dale was aware of the musical duo but only joined that social media site in 2013. Realizing their new lovely geeky compatriots were both approachable and available, Dale booked them to feature in a Holodeck Follies episode. As the first guests to write a song specifically for the show, Debs & Errol have set the bar high for future acts.

We thank Debs & Errol ahead of time for dedicating their time and talent to this Movember fundraiser.

Get your advanced ticket(s) today ($10) through (BrownPaper Tickets). This will reserve your seat and save you some cash!