Movember – Close Shave – Brandon Ash Mohammed

We are proud of the guest performers we have lined up for Close Shave2: The Next Generation on November 1st.

Brandon-Ash-Mohammed (c)  Daniel Sheori
Brandon-Ash-Mohammed (c) Daniel Sheori

Brandon Ash Mohammed

Brandon Ash Mohammed is a 21-year old comedian, writer, and singer from Toronto Ontario. He is a graduate of Humber College’s Comedy: Writing & Performance program where he showcased for Sirius XM and got to do stand up and sketch at their New Faces Of 2012 show hosted by Dave Folley.

Dale and Brandon Ash Mohammed were guest performers at an Off Key Comedy night (hosted by Rush Zilla and Robert Keller) at the Comedy Bar in May 2013. Brandon’s stand-up act that night was irreverent but accessible, and he had everyone in the room howling. It is no surprise to us that Brandon has a 2013 Cream of Comedy nomination — we wish him well on October 28th, where they tally the final votes in a showdown extravaganza.

We thank Brandon ahead of time for dedicating his time and talent to this Movember fundraiser.

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