s1e9: Captain’s Epilogue

Yareena vs. Yar

Episode Nine: Barcode of Honour saw a successful transfer of Achilles Heel vaccine to the ailing Syrius VI and purple turtles delivered to Traberos.

Beggar’s Canyon (Peter Hill and Ian MacIntyre) opened the show with some smart and silly sketches; at one point they shared an alternate-ending Star Trek and it was like they were mind-melding the audience. Candice Sand and her amazing voice delivered an intimate mini-set and at one point wooed James T. Kirk (and the rest of us) with her voice. Garrett Jamieson had us laughing with and at him, with jokes for all tastes and even the less kid-friendly humour was executed with panache.

Ensign Guy (Alan Leightizer) kept the ship moving, even if he couldn’t remember where we were going and Janeway (Brie Watson) delivered an urgent message from Syrius VI for purple turtles.

Again, we gave away some cool prizes from Squaracters!!

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Episode 10: Juan Won Uh-Oh, Wan Naught Not One
“The crew of the USS Albatross must break a new code while honouring an ancient one”

With improv from InsectAspect, stand-up from newcomer Jenna Rocca, and featuring a return of Copy Red Leader with their awesome and geeky music! Get your tickets ahead of the crowd and join us in 10-Forward!

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