Barcode of Honour – Yar Har Har Har

Tonight! Tonight! We’ll get into a fight. To get the vaccine from the proud men…

Yareena vs. Yar

Or, we’ll barrage them with silliness!

The Dandies present Holodeck Follies – Star Trek Variety Show is a 90-minute variety show filled with music, stand-up, sketch, and Star Trek inspired improv.

Episode 9: Barcode of Honour
“The crew of the USS Albatross transport Achilles Heel vaccine to Syrius VI”

Our October guest lined up tonight is stellar with Beggar’s Canyon (Peter Hill and Ian MacIntyre) opening the show. Candice Sand will wow us with her songs and voice. Garrett Jamieson will tell some jokes to end the evening.

During our Star Trek improv and trivia, Ensign Alan Leightizer will be on hand as will Brie Watson as Janeway.

Get your tickets ahead of the crowd or $7 at the door!

Black Swan Comedy (Black Swan Tavern)
154 Danforth Ave., 2nd floor
Toronto, ON