Orange is the New Trek

When Dale came up with the new Dandies format show, he wanted to boldly go beyond the Star Trek franchise and looked at the Netflix hit: Orange is the New Black.

The following silliness might have been the results otherwise:

Orange is the New Trek
Chapman, a privileged white Borg learns humility and humanity while captive in the Delta Quadrant.

Chapman (Seven) and Red (Janeway) are obvious but the rest come down to preference: Nickles (Dax) might be the next easiest to peg, Alex (T’Pol) but that might be bias, Pousee (B’elanna), Tastee (Uhuru), Pennsatucky (Chapell aka Luoxanna), and Daya (Troi).

How would the Duras sisters factor in? Is Q’s wife Figueroa? We might never know.


Clockwork Orange is the New Black runs Sept 30 & Oct 7.

Holodeck Follies runs Oct 2 (the first Wednesday of each month)