Clockwork Orange is the new Black – Piper Falls Down

Clockwork Orange is the New Black
Clockwork Orange is the New Black
Last night we successfully launched our new format show, Clockwork Orange is the New Black, with our premiere episode, “Piper Falls Down“.

Just JK, just JK (Josh Murray of Fratwurst and Katie Kay of Disco Taxi) providing some deliciously dark Kubrick-esque improv to start the night.

The audience, fans of Orange is the new Black, delighted in the ensembles characterizations and enjoyed our tightrope walk between theatre and improv, drama and comedy.

We look forward to the next show, Monday, September 30th (7:30 pm sharp, doors open at 7 pm), kicked off by power-improvisers Improvinator, again delving into the privileged world of Piper Chapman.

Clockwork Orange is the New Black runs for two more Mondays (until October 7th) at Measure (296 Brunswick Avenue).