s1e8: Captain’s Epilogue

Episode 8: Academia Nuts is now behind us. We learned that being stuck in the Croissant croissant (quadrant in Ensign Guy-anese) addles the mind but fortunately we had amazing guests to butter us up and help us out of a jam.

Petra Breiner & Nicole Bauman provided some sweet dulcet music to get us into the mood. Fancy Sluts performed funny sketches showing us the bizarre but relatable world of reanimation science. Rush Zilla told some funny stand-up stories that had us laughing and thinking, as any good comedian can achieve. Why was Sisko’s pah stronger when he thought of thongs?

As always, Ensign Alan Leightizer corralled the Red Shirt Brigade and we promoted some for their assistance with rebooting the LCARS. Jason Zinger finished off the night with an amazing song of purpose from Avenue Q.

We gave away some cool prizes (view images) from Squaracters and UR Bookarts!

The next Holodeck Follies is October 2nd 8 p.m.
Episode 9: Barcode of Honour
“The crew of the USS Albatross transport Achilles Heel vaccine to Syrius VI”

With sketch comedy from Beggar’s Canyon, music from Candice Sand, and featuring stand-up from Garrett Jamieson. Get your tickets ahead of the crowd and join us in 10-Forward!

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