Episode 7: Captain’s Epilogue

A full house (of hardcore Trekkies) is a wonderful thing! Some of you proudly wore your red shirts and others came in cognito, but we could tell by your suggestions that you were fully on-board for Episode Seven: Seven of Mime!.

Snap Beaches-Danforth came out and snapped a few shots of the Tribble invasion and a few performers — we will let you know when the photos are available!

Starting next month, Romulan Ale (vodka with a splash of blue curacao) will be The Black Swan’s first ever drink special at $4.50. Join us in our various cheers through the night!

The Dandies give a hearty thanks to:

  • KERL for another wonderful Star Trek Wreck!
  • Ben Ball for the new Star Trek jokes added into your salty set.
  • Taylor Abrahamse for the passionate, made-up songs Geordi La Borg and Mind Meld.
  • Copy Red Leader for the great cross-genre set and including the new song, Dyson Sphere.
  • Ensign Guy (Alan Leightizer) bravely belted out three improvised songs for stalling and Jason Zinger capped off the evening with a soulful ballad.

Our next show is September 4th featuring stand-up comedian Rush Zilla. Based on last night, we strongly suggest that you get your tickets ahead of the crowd!

The Dandies - Holodeck Follies Poster
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