Episode 7: Prologue

Less than 36 hours until our next Holodeck Follies! Congratulations to Kari and Winter who will see the show as our guests; thanks to G33KPRON for hosting the contest and gettting the word out.

Episode 7: Seven of Mime
“The crew of the U.S.S. Albatross takes on a Borg exchange student and help her find her song.”

Our guest lined up is out of this world:
KERL returns with their delightful Trek Wreck, a charming look at the Trek Universe through the eyes of non-viewers.

Ben Ball is a super fun, silly, kinetic stand-up and improviser that we call friend. You can see him at concerts or around town performing with Improvinator.

Taylor Abrahamse is a wunderkind. Actor, improviser, composer, musician. We’re not sure if he will be playing original music or making something up on the spot but we know it will be awesome.

Copy Red Leader is a geek rock duo that stole our hearts at our buddy’s birthday party (Errol of Debs&Errol). Their sample CD, Pirate Elves In Space (in collaboration with Kari Maaren) should be in your playlist now. Go ahead, we’ll wait. If their sophisticated sound doesn’t capture you, you must be a Romulan.

Ensign Alan Leightizer will be on hand to help wrangle Red Shirts and Jason Zinger and the 10-Forward band will play something groovy.

The Dandies present Holodeck Follies – Star Trek Variety Show is a 90-minute variety show filled with music, stand-up, sketch, and Star Trek inspired improv. Get your tickets ahead of the crowd!

The Dandies - Holodeck Follies Poster
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