Episode 6: Captain’s Epilogue

Speaking for all assembled, Episode 6: Impulse Buy was a great time!

The U.S.S. Albatross ended up going to Earth-2 to get spaghetti to the Delta quadrant. We pinned our newest Ensign, Ensign Guy, we had super fun/hard/interesting trivia with the guests in 10-Forward, and we had amazing guests.

Geoff Cork had a great mix of quick jokes and funny tales! Check him out around town.

POMP brought the funny with a tale of a child understandably afraid of sleep. They perform again tonight with a special British guest — check them out at the C-Bomb Comedy Gang Bang.

Kristina Alexis sang two songs: Spock Monkey and Data Love and the audience fell instantly in love. She also joined us for an impromptu mind-meld with Ensign Guy.

Kat Letwin told some revealing, personal, funny tales of fandom to a crowd already enraptured. She touched on Star Trek, Pokemon and Sailor Moon and you could tell that she had more to share. You can catch her on Saturday night for Fan Fiction The Show – Sailor Moon (at Black Swan Comedy) with her sketch troupe Rulers of the Universe.

Our next show is August 7th! It is going to be another sweet show so get your tickets ahead of the crowd.

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