Episode 6: Impulse Buy

We are excited for our show on Wednesday!

Episode 6: Impulse Buy
“The crew of the U.S.S. Albatross must make a deal with the nefarious Ferengi to save the Alpha Quadrant.”

As with every show, we have great guests lined up:

Geoff Cork is a funny guy in real life who loves making fun of the internet.

POMP is one of our improv mentors for their amazing tales and stage pictures and their knowledge of Easy Bake Oven recipes. They are active in the Toronto improv scene and festivals around the galaxy. Check them next on July 4 – C-Bomb Comedy Gang Bang

Kristina Alexis is everywhere these days. Having just wrapped up the premiere revue MAN UP with KERL, her improv-sketch troupe, Kristina is involved in theatre and film projects around the city.

Kat Letwin is acting up a frenzy. You can catch her in a million and three things including the next Fan Fiction The Show (at Black Swan Comedy) with her sketch troupe Rulers of the Universe.

Plus we have Alan Leightizer coming on-board as a regular crew member (Ensign class, for now) and Jason Zinger and the 10-forward Band in the wings.

It is going to be a sweet show, get your tickets ahead of the crowd!

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