Episode 3: Captain’s Epilogue

In our third episode, Into Dorkiness, The Dandies were joined by:

  • CarolynT is a powerhouse vocalist and personality. She had the audience laughing and singing along, when they weren’t transfixed in awe. Thanks again for being available last minute!
  • The Weaker Vessels gave us some great visuals and funny tales that ran the gamut of absurdist to fanatical in their sketch comedy.
  • Jason Cleveland mixed up his stand-up set with standard and new material. He mostly stayed clear of Star Trek to keep the non-Trekkies happy but appeased us with a few Shatner references.
  • Two Weird Ladies successfully shared a new sci-fi sketch on our stage that could easily have been a moment in Star Trek even though half of their duo had never seen a Star Trek show in their life.