Episode 1: Captain’s Epilogue

The Dandies kicked off Holodeck Follies as a celebration for the duo’s one year anniversary.

We had a blast when we were joined by :

  • Jeff Clark told some funny jokes and personal stories during his stand-up set.
  • KERL having just finished their premiere sketch revue came back to their improv roots with Star Trek Wreck — a look at Star Trek through the eyes of two people who have never seen the show before. It was a great tale for both non-Trekkies and diehard fans.
  • The Sufferettes also shared the stage with some improv but their serene victorian demeanor showed us a very different side to the Federation.
  • Debs and Errol were our feature act, sharing their comedic music with us and the crowd. They premiered their song parody, I Didn’t Know The Tribble, at our show!